Thursday, July 19, 2018

HNB Assurance PLC Vacancies (Careers) at hnbMICOassurance

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HNB Assurance PLC is one of the biggest life insurance institution in Sri Lanka. The mother company of HNB Assurance (hnbMICOassurance) is leading banking firm which is called as Hatton National Bank. This company have been established on 23rd August, 2001 as life and general insurance business.

HNB Assurance have spread across the country with more than 50 branches which cover all the parts of Sri Lanka. All branches have been constructed under international standard and provide respectable service to their customers. The company have over 850 talented working crew (at hnbMICOassurance) who push the company towards the success.  The company has given the employees to work individually with their own thinking and skills. Unity and team work are also feature that we can see in the HNB insurance co. and the final result is better performance.

You are invited to join with the team and get benefited from the company for your life. HNB Assurance Careers (Vacancies) are very much popular among the candidates who wish to join with a reputable company. I have listed some sources to find vacancies in this leading institution with high salaries and benefits.
There are a lot of sources to find careers vacancies in Sri Lanka. We are always keep touching to forward latest HNB Assurance Vacancies (at Hatton National Bank) as soon as we get them.

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