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Best Paying (Local) Trucking Jobs | Near Me Texas, Canada

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From my last research, I understood that the word "jobs" is one of the most searchable keyword on the internet. Nowadays, there are a big attention for this word ever before. So, I decided to create a careers related blog to publish latest job opportunities around the world. With my this post, you can find local and overseas trucking jobs (in Texas, Canada, Alberta, BC, Houston, GA, UK, Australia and so on) for 2018. I have given several trucking driving jobs listing near me sites, so that you can find best paying trucking and driving jobs (local & overseas).
Truck drivers, transport materials or goods among distribution, retail or manufacturing points. There are some more responsibilities except driving, that the trucking driving jobs belongs to. Drivers should have a Class A CDL or commercial driver license to start CDL trucking careers (jobs).

Here are basic duties and responsibilities that the truck drivers should do.

Truck Driver Main Responsibilities

  • Deliver goods to the customer.
  • Load and upload of cargo.
  • Recording of cargo delivering.
  • Following traffic laws.
  • Cleaning and refuel the vehicle.
  • Following procedures, when accident.
  • Reporting incidents on the road to the dispatcher.
  • Reporting the mechanical problems to the maintenance team.
  • Deliver goods to the customer on time.
  • Few more...

CDL Training ImageTrucking Companies that Pay (offers) for CDL Training
  • Prime Transportation (Springfield, Missouri, United States -
  • Knight Transportation (Phoenix, Arizona, United States -
  • FFE Transportation (Dallas, Texas, United States -
Best Paying Trucking Companies in United States

  • Alabama  - Transport Corp of America, US Foods, P & S Transportation ( Companies)
  • Arizona    - Crete Carrier, NFI Industries, CRST Expedited
  • Alaska      - Walmart, Schneider
  • Texas        - Walmart, Air Products, Performance Food Group
  • Ohio         - Con-Way Freight, YRC Worldwide, Schneuder
  • California - Sysco, Walmart, UPS

Basic Truck Driver Requirements

  • Driver License (Class A CDL or Commercial).
  • TWIC Card.
  • He or She should pass drug and alcohol test.
  • Driving records should be clean.
  • Should provide a medical certificate.
  • MVR should be provided.
  • High school diploma is needed.

Trucking Driving Schools Near Me
  • Southern Careers Institute, Inc. - Corpus Christi (Texas trucking schools)
  • CRST Expedited (Texas)
  • Napier Truck Driver Training, Inc. (Ohio)
  • Phoenix Truck Driving Institute (Arizona)
  • Roadmaster Drivers School of Orlando, Inc. (Florida)
  • Toronto Truck Driving Schools (Canada)
  • AIT Truck Driver Training (Trucking School) in North Las Vegas (+1 702-644-1234)
  • Roadmaster Drivers School in Fontana (+1 909-202-4270)
  • Truck Training UK Ltd in UK (+44 1204 366798)
I have mentioned below a list of sites, where you can find (local) trucking driving jobs in 2018 near me. There are trucking driving jobs in

Canada, Texas, Alberta, Arizona, Alaska, Edmonton, Georgia, GA, Ohio in USA, UK, Australia and so on.

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Except those, there are several places to find local trucking jobs 2018 near me in USA, UK, Australia and more.


  1. Could you please mention here, some reputable and low cost truck driving schools in UK. Also, I want to know that the educational qualifications we need, to join with trucking schools? Informative and interesting blog. Thank you and my congratulations!

  2. Do you have any opportunities for people from india

    1. Above mentioned driving jobs are in US, Canada, UK and Australia opportunities. But, Indians can apply some of them.

  3. Local truck driver is needed to Cypress Trucking Jacksonville, FL, USA. Apply soon at